Site Plan

Property Description

Retail Site Area Total = 69 acres
Regional Retail = 42 acres
Community Retail = 20 acres
Shops on West Market = 7 acres
675,000 SF of retail uses

Market Information

Primary Trade Area Population = 80,000+
Secondary Trade Area Population = 250,000+
City of Regina CMA Population: 264,000
City of Regina Median Household Income: $81,832
City of Regina Median Age: 37

Site Map




Horizons is located within the new Westerra subdivision, which is currently under development and is expected to house 9,000 residents at full build-out.  An urban community in a suburban location, Westerra is the closest new neighbourhood to the downtown core.

Horizons is designed to be a diverse retail experience comprised of three categories, each supporting a unique type and scale of retail development:  Regional Retail, Community Retail and Main Street Retail.  The central road leading into Westerra will be lined by boutique shops on West Market Street which cater to the pedestrian friendly design of the community.  The vision and design for Shops on West Market is similar to the appearance and atmosphere of small town main street, reminiscent of early prairie towns.

The complete community of Westerra and Horizons is conveniently located in West Regina on Dewdney Avenue between Pinkie Road and Courtney Street and is easily accessible from the West Regina Bypass.

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